Jump Capital – Get Your Project Funded Right Here!

Jump Capital operates in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and PA areas loosely connected by the I-81 Corridor. We have a long-standing real estate investing business that holds long-term and short-term rentals. We have a long track record of successfully acquiring, fixing, & flipping single-family homes in this area. We have successfully completed 100’s of multi-family and single-family deals. In doing that we have become very competent in underwriting investment deals. Based on this experience we are now providing that service to other investors.

We are now offering qualified investors funding opportunities to grow their investment business in the local area. If you are looking to fund the purchase and rehab of a fix-and-flip project or short-term flip into a rental, we may be a solution to your funding needs.

As we always have, we are looking to continue to build strong relationships and strategic partnerships through our funding business. If you have a project to fund and want more information please either call 240-630-4255 or submit your information on the link below.

We will be in contact and we look forward to many future successful projects!


Realtor / Investor brought this deal to us and we worked through the numbers. He had solid Comps, timeline, and Rehab Numbers. The property sales price was negotiated at the correct price. We agreed to fund the purchase price and construction. Jump Capital was able to fund the deal in one week! The investor got to work and completed the rehab and sale in 3 months! A Win-Win for all parties. Our investor was able to fund and close the deal for a profit. The seller was able to move the property in the timeline he needed to sell. The buyer purchased a beautifully renovated home. Jump Capital was able to fund and complete its first loan!

A Solid local investor with a successful record of completing many flips brought this deal to us to fund. He had a solid ARV, rehab estimate, and timeline. We underwrote the deal based on these factors and as well as the ARV, rehab, timeline, and the market. Based on the numbers we agreed to fund the project. We funded in less than a week.

The deal was funded and completed on time. It Sold on the market for a successful outcome for all parties.

Local Realtor / Investor taking on his first flip property to hold long term. The deal was underwritten and funded in less than two weeks. The investors took four Rehab Draws over 5 months to complete this very large project. It was not without its challenges but the investor persevered. The property appraisal came in over our projections. The investor completed a very nice rehab while adding additional living space to the home. This was a great project and we were happy to partner to fund this deal with this investor. He will hold this property long-term. Looking forward to our next project.

A Successful outcome for a first-time flipper. We funded the purchase and the rehab on this home in Smithsburg. Several other lenders would not lend on the home due to the fact that it had a cistern and not a well. Luckily we had dealt with this type of property before and we trusted the borrower. After the underwriting was complete and agreed upon the borrower teamed up with a contractor who has a solid track record of putting out a good product. There were several challenges that this first-time flipper has to overcome throughout the process but in the end, the project closed out on time and everyone profited.

Frederick Md Realtor / Investor did a quick and upscale rehab. Knowing your numbers going in will make it easier to get the property at the right purchase price so that all the other pieces can fall into place. The property is currently under contract after multiple showings and offers. Jump Capital funded the Purchase and Rehab.

Washington County Investor has taken on this large abandoned downtown Williamsport Md building project on to revitalize and transform this multi-use historic building back to life. Jump Capital was asked to Fund the rehab and we can’t wait to see the finished project. Stay tuned for more updates.