Check out Owner Finance Properties and Off Market Homes for Investors


Purchasing an Owner-financed home is much easier than the traditional home sales process. Here are a few ways this process is much different. This can be a benefit to certain buyers.

  • You DO NOT need to work with a bank, we will hold the financing!
  • You DO NOT need to have perfect credit.
  • You DO need to have verifiable income and a down payment.
1. Down Payment 
The process is simple. If you have a down payment (the typical minimum is $10,000 )

you can then take a look at the property you are interested in owning. We can set that up very easily.

2. View the Property

After viewing the home and you are interested based on the condition, the location, the price, and the terms, then we need to get your online application.

3. Application

We then need to verify your income and funds available to close.  We will verify your monthly income and proof of employment using the most recent pay stubs. We can verify your cash available to close by sending a copy of your bank account balances. (remove account numbers)

4. Sign the Agreement 

When you are verified, we can sign the agreement and get your earnest money deposit. That will be held so that we can get the paperwork started. The home will no longer be available to the public.  Those funds will go toward the sales price. We will set a date to sign the paperwork.

5. Close and Move in! 

On the closing date, you will bring the down payment and any other closing costs and then you can take possession of the home. 

You can move in, right then and there! 

You will then make your monthly payment of principal, interest, taxes, and insurance like any bank mortgage.  At any time in the future, you may want to refinance out of the mortgage. That’s totally fine! Very Similar to Rent to Own or Land Contract Scenarios. 

Click on the properties above to see which home you are interested in! 

We’re the best source for Berkeley and Jefferson County properties in West Virginia and Washington and Frederick County properties in Maryland.  These properties are off-market investment and Owner-financed properties. Our properties are located in and around the Martinsburg, Charles Town, Frederick, and Hagerstown areas. All Along the I-81 Corridor and I-70 in western and central Maryland. We’re constantly picking up new properties and always working hard to have properties available to our buyers on our List. Please make sure you get on our investment list and owner-financed buyers list! All sales are done legally and with attorney-approved documentation. Just complete the application and we will be in touch.