Real Estate Investing in Martinsburg West Virginia

Real Estate Investing in Martinsburg West Virginia

Investing in Martinsburg We have come to love being apart of the real estate investing community in Martinsburg West Virginia and all of the surrounding areas of Berkeley County WV. Due to the recent large scale local investments of Global commerce companies, Procter & Gamble and Amazon, the areas is growing at a steady clip and is attaching lots of interest. Most of these are blue collar jobs and you would have to project that that would be good for the local landlords and Real Estate investors in general. It has pushed prices up and demand is low making Berkeley County WV a great place to invest.

This growth has also had an impact on demand for affordable housing on the purchasing side of the equation. Flipping Single Family homes in the average price points is easy money if you have the skills to make a home safe and appealing to entry level buyers.

Some may say that the national economy is as good as it has ever been and those factors are based on the overall economy. That may have something to do with it but overall Martinsburg and Berkeley county WV are far enough on the outer ring of the Washington DC metro area that when there is a down turn it will be less likely to be as deep and long term as the more high priced national markets. Those areas of are characteristically have high price appreciation and large crashes. Here in Berkeley County we can expect a boom and bust cycle but the severity of that will be on a much lower scale. Most workers and Investors will not even notice it depending on your niche.  More experienced investors find a way to make real estate investing work in both an up and down market.

Our company has a large portfolio of rental homes so we are very experienced understand the local rental market. We also fix and flip homes. We work with a many investors providing them off market properties to either fix and flip or fix and rent. We are constantly marketing for Berkeley County homes. We find distressed, vacant, or homes with tenants all ready in place.

If you are new to real estate investing and want to find a great starting point. Just like we did you should start at your local Real Estate Investor Meetup. Check ours out for more info.

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