Finding Private Money in Martinsburg

Finding Private Money in our area of West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania along the I-81 corridor can be an uphill challenge to new investors just breaking in or even to experienced investors trying to break through to the next level of success.

Most investors get started with their own money whether it be from their own cash in a saving account or could be profit funds from the last deal, maybe a home equity line of credit, typically a bank loan of some fashion, or even a bank line of credit in more advanced scenarios. These are all very common and a great way to make the deals happen. What happens when more opportunities present themselves and these limited funds are locked up in the deal?

Unlocking the secrets of Private Money and Hard Money lending

In my personal investing journey I had these very similar challenges. Without the funds, in your back pocket, you may have to pass on the next big opportunity. Sellers / Investors who are selling discounted properties are typically dealing with two major factors. 1) The deal is time sensitive and needs to close in a short amount of time. 2) They are looking for a qualified buyer that can close and has funds ready to move. How do we make sure this situation never happens and leaves us disqualified? How we can assure that we can scoop up the best deals when they present themselves? Luckily there are two solid options available to investors to keep flipping multiple homes or buying additional rentals when you are in the middle of the BRRRR strategy.

Finding private money is the answer. Private Money can come in many different shapes and sizes. If you think of using other people’s money as a spectrum of access and cost, it works something like this. Bank Money can be at lower rates but more difficult to get access to due to the qualification processes and underwriting time to make funds available. Initially working with Banks it could take 30 to 60 days until you can use that money to close. Some lines of credit and home equity lines can be more liquid after the initial qualifications process. When market rates are lower these rates will be lower but can move quickly up in lockstep with the market rates increases. Banks will have plenty of fees and some points charged at closing.

Hard Money can be the answer

Hard Money lenders come in many shapes and sizes. Over the years some hard money lenders have become more institutionalized and have underwriting that can be more costly and slower to close but in general Hard Money lenders typically will close quicker than banks and will usually have higher rates and typically charge points. It’s important to do your due diligence and find the Hard Money lender that makes the most sense for your business. Shopping around just like you should do with different banks will pay off when choosing the best HMLs to partner with for your business. Depending on the lender, the interest rate, points, and terms will vary wildly based on the region they serve, the availability of funds, the deal, and the borrower. Far and away the deal is the biggest factor if you have a significant spread in equity that will make you very attractive to the HML. The biggest benefit is that depending on these factors you can have several hard money loans out with the same lender which allows you to close on great deals while you are still in the middle of completing other deals.

Private Money – Catch me if you can!

Finally, Private Money sources have always been my best source of funds to grow my business. Private Money can and usually will be from people who are already in your close group of friends and family or someone in your close circle that knows someone else. Networking will always be your best way to grow your business, you will find contractors, wholesalers, agents, lenders, insurance agents, attorneys, partnerships, and anyone else you will need to leverage your business to the next level. Using your same networking skills you can find private lenders who already know and trust you. You will need to build trust with them and ramp up the amount of funds they allow you access to put into your real estate deals. You will need to be able to make them feel comfortable with your level of business and industry knowledge. One of the best ways to network with private lenders would be to use this line when the time is right in the conversation… “Who do you know that is looking to lend money on real estate deals secured by the property?” If they have done this before or are open to the conversation they may say something like “I might be that person” or “I know who you need to talk to“.

Private Money can be very negotiable and the terms can be as creative as you can imagine. In our flipping days, we were able to borrow the cost of acquisition, the closing costs, and the rehab funds at closing. We were able to complete the project and pay all the principal and interest at closing. Creative Financing can be the key to supercharging the growth of your real estate investing business.

Jump Capital is a private lender currently in West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. To have a conversation about money lending please reach out to us directly. We can be found hosting a monthly Real Estate Investing Meetup group in Martinsburg West Virginia. I-81 Real Estate Investor Meetup Group in Martinsburg WV.

Jump Capital operates in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and PA areas loosely connected by the I-81 Corridor. We have a long-standing real estate investing business that holds long-term and short-term rentals. We have a long track record of successfully acquiring, fixing, & flipping single-family homes in this area. We have successfully completed 100’s of multi-family and single-family deals. In doing that we have become very competent in underwriting investment deals. Based on this experience we are now providing that service to other investors.

We are now offering qualified investors funding opportunities to grow their investment business in the local area. If you are looking to fund the purchase and rehab of a fix-and-flip project or short-term flip into a rental, we may be a solution to your funding needs.

As we always have, we are looking to continue to build strong relationships and strategic partnerships through our funding business. If you have a project to fund and want more information please either call 240-630-4255 or submit your information on the link below.

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